Fall in love with a Queen

Every English garden has its bees, and the British know how to treat their hives like royalty.  All over the UK,  individuals and companies are installing bee hives in gardens and on roof tops.

Her Majesty, the Queen has four hives in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and two hives on the roof of Clarence House.

Kew Gardens has an educational bee habitat as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the need for a more bee-friendly planet.

In London alone, there are over 2,500 hives.  Many are at private homes, but one can find hives at The Tate Modern Gallery, The Bank of England, and Fortnum & Mason, the venerable purveyor of luxury goods in Picadilly.

The Chelsea Flower Show

Fortnum’s hives at the Chelsea Flower Show

Fortnum’s hives are an especially good example of just how beautiful urban beekeeping can be!

Fortnum's Bees

Bee hives on the roof of Fortnum & Mason

Upcoming posts:  How to create your own beautiful bee hive, and How to select your perfect bee.

4 thoughts on “Fall in love with a Queen

  1. Thank you!! I think so too. I hope you will check back to see my posts on how to create beautiful hives in your own back yard!

  2. Sam Marrero says:

    What great pictures. Makes me want to start beekeeping!

  3. I should write a post on beekeeping in Washington, D.C.!

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