The Carniolan Bee

If you live in in a temperate area north of the equator, and you want to start beekeeping this year, now is the time to order your bees.  If you wait until Spring, many of the suppliers will be sold out for 2012. Bees ordered now will be delivered at the appropriate time in the Spring.

As of today, most of the U.S. suppliers I checked still had packages of bees available.  I ordered a package of Carniolan bees for one of  my new rooftop hives.  I have Buckfast bees in my back garden.  I plan on ordering a package of Italian bees for my front garden.

Today, I’ll talk a bit about Carniolan bees.  Which is, of course, the type of bee Fortnum’s keeps!

Carniolan bees come from the Italian Alps.  They are popular with beekeepers because they are resistant to pests and disease, and they are good honey producers. They are a darker brown color, not golden like Italian bees or Buckfast bees.

There are lots of things to like about Carniolan bees. Among other things they have a rapid buildup in early spring, even before flowers bloom. They are very gentle and survive well in the winter.  They are particularly good bees for urban beekeeping.

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