Exploring the Mysteries of the Langstroth Hive, Part I

What is it about the Langstroth Hive that makes us crazy?

Maybe it’s because it has beaucoup de parts, many of which are interchangeable, and some of which you can toss out altogether.  Oh, and there are “parts” you need that no one tells you about…

For those of you new to the world of beekeeping, the Langstroth Hive is by far the most commonly used type of hive in the US and most of the rest of the world.  The exception is the UK, which has some pretty nifty types of hives of its own.

Unfortunately, the Langstroth Hive is the one you see in those dreadful bee yard pictures…

Dreadful Looking Langstroth Hives

They don’t have to look like this, people!!

These are also Langstroth Hives…

Beautiful Langstroth Hives (This isn't me!)

So is this….

Wood finished Langstroth Hive

And this…

Hand Painted Hive

And this…

"English Garden" Langstroth Hive

But back to the Mysteries…..

Here is an exploded Diagram of a Langstroth Hive. In my next post, I’ll discuss the parts pictured here, and their uses.  And what you can use instead. And what you can toss, if you feel like it…

Parts of the Langstroth Hive

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