The Vision:

This captures the essence of beautiful beekeeping!

Bees And Love

The bees are a frequency;

The sound of the hive is a collective chant.

A temple. An Ashram. A heart. A soul.

The wax, the honey,

Liquid sun, Liquid love, Liquid light.

The hum is the oldest music in the world.

The chant was the first and will be last.

It will be first again.

Immerse yourself in their beauty.

Bathe in their buzzing transe.

Plant flowers and dance.

Harvest seeds and sing.

Open your hand and let an angel land.

A fairy is blessing you with a curious

And devoted tickling march.

Being amazed and grateful is respect.

Being loving and caring is the sound

She loves hearing coming out of your


Dont be sad for her and the world.

Be like her who gave up weeping,

Millions of years ago

And worked herself to death.

Just so that she could walk on your

Caring hands someday.


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