An Interview with Chef David Garcelon

Hoteliers keep bees!

The Old Good Food Revolution

By Kylie Meyermann

I hope Mother Nature isn’t playing another one of her games but it would appear that Toronto has finally been rescued from the winter blues and has been blessed with the arrival of spring weather. It has been a daunting three weeks. Back in March, when Toronto was miraculously bestowed with a 21°C day, I may have gotten carried away and purchased half a dozen pre-planted herbs for my rooftop garden. They have since been slowly withering on my kitchen counter.

But, there are signs of spring-time change. Starbucks locations are once again giving away their used coffee grinds to enthusiastic gardeners in dire need of some nutrient rich compost. Also, Toronto’s Green Bin Initiative  recently dumped their annual truck load of compost in Toronto’s centralized parks: free dirt for spring gardening.

Toronto has caught the green bug and is itching to play in the dirt. Even…

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