Borage – Beloved By Bees Everywhere

“According to old wives’ tales, borage was sometimes
smuggled into the drink of  prospective husbands 
to give them the courage to propose marriage.”
–  Mary Campbell, A Basket of Herbs

Bee on Borage

Borage is one of the very best bee plants. It’s an annual herb that prefers to be grown in full sun. The edible flowers have a delicate cucumber flavor and make a pretty garnish.

Its nickname is “bee’s bread” because of its nectar-rich blue flowers.  It refills with nectar every two minutes, which is amazingly fast. No wonder bees love it!

Borage in the Border

Borage has been cultivated since the 15th century. In folklore, this lovely herb was thought to bring courage to the heart.

Whether in a border or in an herb garden, borage is a gift of love to your bees!

P.S. Borage is also deer-resistant!

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