Honeysuckle For Your Bees

Lonicera x italica 'Harlequin'

A Honeysuckle vine is perfect for an English cottage garden, and is a favorite of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. My Gardening Guiding Spirit, Gertrude Jekyll, used Honeysuckle liberally.

Lonicera x italica ‘Harlequin’ is a splendid specimen with green leaves splashed with pink and cream, big clusters of rosy blooms edged in white to yellow, and splendid fall foliage changes.

This cultivar blooms all summer long and often into fall. It has a beautiful scent, which intensifies in the evening hours.

The foliage unfurls in Spring splashed with bright pink and cream, and this color lasts into the heat of summer. Then in fall the foliage turns again, giving you a third season of new color.

In the sunny to partly shaded garden, ‘Harlequin’ makes a nice companion to everything from Hydrangea to Ice Plant. It’s perfect to twine through an ugly chain-link fence, climb up a showy trellis or arbor, or even wend its way through the branches of open-habit shrubs and trees. It won’t overtake Clematis, and adds much-needed fragrance to all the summer bloomers that lack a scent of their own. Indifferent to heat and humidity, it’s the one you want for those dry, difficult spots.

‘Harlequin’ is a fascinating addition to an English bee garden. I ordered mine from Wayside Gardens.

7 thoughts on “Honeysuckle For Your Bees

  1. mossandivy says:

    Hello, I found your blog via Pyjama Gardener. I share your love of bees and honey- and Honeysuckle. I am in the midst of removing most of my climbing roses and replacing them with the Goldflame honeysuckle. The scent is so delicious and the hummingbirds love it.
    Your garden is so deliciously old fashioned and romantic and your posts are wonderfully written, I look forward to more.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Susan says:

    This is great info as I am just starting to plan a new garden. I wanted honeysuckle but was worried about it taking over. I grew up in an seventeenth century farmhouse in England. My mother planted honeysuckle by the front porch. It was beautiful. Every time I smell honeysuckle it takes me home.

    • Another wonderful thing about this cultivar is that it’s non-invasive! I’m glad you liked the post. 🙂
      I want to grow up in a seventeenth century farmhouse in England… Maybe in my next life!

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