Bargain Bloomers

Tomorrow, March 15, is the first day to plant summer blooming bulbs in most of the US.  I’m starting today. I just can’t wait!

For the past few years, I’ve gotten most of my bulbs, especially dahlias and peonies, at bargain outlets like Walmart and Home Depot.  Are they as good as ones I’d get from White Flower Farms or Wayside Gardens? Probably not.  But at less than six bucks for two to five roots?  I can’t resist!

I’m starting a new bee-friendly border, and I need a lot of plants. I’m growing lavender, borage, nepeta and other bee favorites from seed, but that’s always tricky. So I’ve bought a bunch of  Walmart’s finest plants to fill in. I’m planting “Sarah Bernhardt” peonies, “Romantic Rose” Daylilies, red hot poker plants and hollyhocks today.

My soil isn’t the greatest, and I’m having to put down a lot of compost. The great thing about bargain plants is if they don’t do well the first year, I won’t be angsting about my investment.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day, and soon it will be officially spring!  Happy gardening!!

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