Semi-Raised Bed English Cottage Gardening

The Enchanted Garden

I’ve applied a LOT of compost to my beds this spring.

The mild weather may have had something to do with it…

Who am I kidding?

The major reason for my Festival of Compost was my audacity in writing a blog about my English Cottage garden. Now I have to put my compost where my hubris is!

I’ve put down so much compost I started wondering whether I’ve branched out into raised bed gardening. That compelled me to look up the subject in everyone’s favorite resource, Wikipedia.

The W-Meister’s definition is as follows:

Raised bed gardening is a form of gardening in which the soil is formed in 3 – 4 foot (1.0–1.2 m) wide beds, which can be of any length or shape. The soil is raised above the surrounding soil (approximately 6 inches to waist high), is sometimes enclosed by a frame generally made of wood, rock, or concrete blocks, and may be enriched with compost. The  plants are spaced in geometric patterns, much closer together than conventional row gardening. The spacing is such that when the plants are fully grown, their leaves just barely touch each other, creating a microclimate in which weed growth is suppressed and moisture is conserved. Raised beds produce a variety of benefits: they extend the planting season, they can reduce weeds if designed and planted properly and reduce the need to use poor native soil. Since the gardener does not walk on the raised beds, the soil is not compacted and the roots have an easier time growing.

Okay, my compost layer is only about 4 inches, but everything else is the same. I think I’ve stumbled upon the “semi-raised bed” form of English cottage gardening.  And YES, I will provide pictures later in the season!!

6 thoughts on “Semi-Raised Bed English Cottage Gardening

  1. Karen says:

    I can’t wait to see it in bloom later this year.

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