Bee Suit Or No Bee Suit?

I am a bee suit kind of gal.  In fact, I’m on my second one.  My first one is falling apart.

Here is my new one:

Originally, I eschewed bee suits.  I mean, honestly, is it possible to look geekier than when wearing a bee suit?  I think not.

Then I was stung five or six times on my ankle through a pair of thin black socks.  My ankle was swollen twice its size and was painful and itchy for weeks.  I’m not even allergic!

Of course, I was doing something stupid at the time.  Trying to lift a full deep (100 pounds) by myself early in the morning when the bees were still home. And it was a nasty-tempered colony of Buckfast hybrids.

It’s true that a bee suit wouldn’t have prevented those particular stings.  I needed a pair of wellies too.

The problem was that after being stung, I was nervous around the hive. Really, really nervous.

That’s where the bee suit comes in. It makes me calm.

I wear my bee suit over my clothes with wellies and leather gloves. The result is I’m as cool as a cucumber. I’m happy and my bees are too.

Bees are incredibly sensitive little critters. They can smell fear and feel your hands shaking. They like things that smell good and are gentle. That’s me in a bee suit.

It’s worth tolerating the guffawing of my neighbors.  Besides, they stop laughing when I threaten to cut off their honey supply.

7 thoughts on “Bee Suit Or No Bee Suit?

  1. Becky says:

    Bee suits, good…big swollen ankles, bad!! I’m glad you use a suit!

    • I don’t want you or other people to be scared of bees!
      I’ve been keeping bees for six years and I’ve only been stung on two or three occasions. The ankle incident was the only time I was stung more than once, and I was doing pretty much everything wrong! 🙂
      Most types are very gentle, especially Italian bees. I know a few beeks who don’t use any protection at all. I like my geeky bee suit though.

      • Becky says:

        I don’t mind bees at all, but last time I was stung (I’m not even sure if it was a bee) I had an allergic reaction, where in the past I had never had a reaction at all. So I’m sure if I ever took the bee keeping plunge, I would suit up just to “bee” safe. LOL

      • Great! And they’re making bee suits in pink now!! 🙂
        That’s my next purchase…

  2. Emily Heath says:

    I heart my bee suit too 🙂

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