The Worm Factory

My new Worm Factory arrived yesterday, along with my order of red wiggler worms  (Eisenia foetida).  One thousand of them!

I used to use a plastic bin with holes drilled in the bottom for my vermicomposting. It was a bit hard to manage and I couldn’t keep it inside because of the leakage.

The worst part was harvesting the compost. I like worms and all, but I don’t want to spend a whole afternoon on my deck trying to separate them from their poop!

The Worm Factory has changed my vermicomposting life!  Not only is it easy to manage, but it does the separating for me.  The picture and videos below explain how.

Whatever method you choose, I heartily recommend that all you gardeners out there give vermicomposting a try.  It is the best fertilizer ever!

7 thoughts on “The Worm Factory

  1. jmgoyder says:

    It sounds so difficult – I admire you!

  2. attemptinggreen says:

    I bought a Worm Factory in March. I am having difficulty getting the right balance. mites, pot worms, moisture, etc..

    • I will let you know how mine does. So far, so good.

      • So far, I’ve noticed that my tray needed a bit more moisture than the directions indicated. In the next tray, I’m going to use the method I described in my prior post on vermicomposting – the “dampen, wring and fluff” method.
        As far as mites and other critters, that’s part of any composting method, especially if you’re keeping the bin outdoors.
        My worms seem to be happy though.

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