Book review – ‘Beekeeping: A Novice’s Guide’, by David Wootton (2011)

Sounds like an interesting and very helpful book on beekeeping! Thanks, Emily!!

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I bought this after reading a very positive review in the BBKA News and starting to follow David’s blog: ( I am pleased with it!

Do not buy this if you are an experienced beekeeper wanting to learn extra tips and tricks or scientific background to your beekeeping. Do buy it if you are a beginner wanting simply written, beautifully illustrated advice to get you started on the basics. As David says, “It is written by a novice, for novices, to demonstrate that taking up beekeeping doesn’t need to be complicated”.

Things I liked about it:

  • David is a professional photographer and used his own photos throughout the book. It is sumptuously illustrated, with a glossy colour photo on almost every page. I’m a very visual person so this really attracted me to it.
  • His is the first book I’ve found to have a step-by-step photo guide (p28-33)…

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2 thoughts on “Book review – ‘Beekeeping: A Novice’s Guide’, by David Wootton (2011)

  1. Thanks for the tip, I’ve just read a semi-humourous account of beekeeping by a BBC newsreader, it would be good to read a more serious approach as well.

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