Le Mie Nuove Api Sono Arrivati!

My new Italian bees have arrived! They are presently relaxing in my kitchen, waiting to be installed in their new home.
My Buckfast bees are fascinated by their new sisters. One of them insisted on coming inside with the package. She was very gentle and calm when I escorted her back outside via a paper towel. A big change from last week!
I am very happy with the white wicker table I found at Pier 1 to serve as a hive stand. It’s not only lovely, but it is made of woven plastic. I think the eau de nil colored hive will look wonderful on it. I’ll post pictures later this afternoon.
I’m waiting until my guys come to mow my grass before installation. I want my new girls to be as comfortable as possible in their new home, and I don’t think the sound of lawnmowers  and leaf blowers will assist in their transition!
My morning garden was beautiful!  I just had to take some pictures…

10 thoughts on “Le Mie Nuove Api Sono Arrivati!

  1. Beautiful roses and peonies, but the bees in the house – wow, that would make me nervous!

  2. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! Best of luck with the new bees:)

  3. Malou says:

    Beautiful flowers for your bees! It must be nice to have your own honey. 😉

  4. Amo le api italiane. Perchè lo Italiano?

    • I hope you don’t mind if I reply in English. I’m still working on my Italian. 🙂
      Italian bees are gentle, calm and good honey producers. They build up their colonies quickly.
      They are also a beautiful golden yellow color. My Buckfast bees are darker brown.
      My new hive is near a window, and I just sit and stare at them!!

      • Urrr, in light of your recent swarm experiences, I must make full disclosure. Italian bees are swarmy.
        Buckfast bees, on the other hand, may be brown and cranky, but they aren’t prone to swarm.

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