The Naming Of The Queen

It is a custom among some beekeepers to name their Queen Bees.  For instance, I named the Queen of my English Buckfast bees Elizabeth. Rather unimaginative, I admit.

So what to name my Italian Queen?  I wanted to name her after a historical figure, so I went to that eminent source, Wikipedia.

There were some Italian Queen names I could rule out right away.  My Queen bee doesn’t look much like a Queen Audofleda of the Salian Franks, and she doesn’t resemble in the slightest a Queen Mathesuentha of the Visigoths.

However, she does look a lot like a Queen Rosamund.

And a Queen Isabella.

And a Queen Beatrice.

I’ll be naming her later today or tomorrow. If you have a favorite name, let me know!

7 thoughts on “The Naming Of The Queen

  1. katiepede says:

    I like Rosamund, Rosie for short? (Although I quite like Mathesuentha of the Visigoths ;-))

  2. This is all so fascinating to me. Our garden club just had a bee keeper for a program on Monday, which was fascinating, then here you are, christening a queen bee. While I don’t think there is an Italian queen with the name of Sofia, there is the actress, who is somewhat of a queen and certainly a beauty whom fans swarm to.

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  4. Becca says:

    Have recently christened a queen “Anthea,” after the gorgeous Anthea of BBC Sherlock fame. Turns out, Anthea was another name for Hera and the name means “blossom or flower” in Greek. Is that not just perfect??

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