Roasted Red Peppers

What is more perfect for Italian Week than Roasted Red Peppers!! 🙂

Bringing Europe Home

I am participating in the Virtual Vegan Potluck, and I have pulled out my fine china and silver for the occasion.  Our gracious organizer is Ann at anunrefinedvegan, and I am bringing Roasted Red Peppers to the table.  Enjoy!

What It Is

I grew up watching my mother and my Nana cook, Italian style, and they did know their way around bell peppers.  Even now, the sound of bell peppers sputtering with onions on the stove and the aroma of them bathed in garlic and olive oil revive mouth-watering childhood memories for me.  In the tradition of grandmothers everywhere, my Nana cooked by “feel” rather than by recipe, and so does my mother.  So what I offer you today is not a strict recipe; rather, it is a guide.  I will hold your hand along the way and then set you free to play with the bells on your own.

Bring It Home

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