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In the years that I’ve been keeping bees at Brookfield Farm and my other bee yards I have seldom used a smoker.  Now it is true that with gentle, slow motions one can often dispense with smoke.

But that’s not the reason that I often forego the smoker, except on very defensive hives.  The simple fact is I just could never keep the smoker lit.  Happily, beekeeper Pat Ray has shed light on my delima, and my bee hive smoker now stays lit.


In the past, my smoker would light, and I’d work a hive.  After the first few blasts, I didn’t need the smoker.  Then I’d move to the next hive.  Very likey I didn’t need one there.  Luck doesn’t hold forever. At some point I’d hit a touchy hive and reach for my smoker, which would be out.

I tried different concepts:  Paper with bits of wood…

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  1. MikeRoberts says:

    I do a similar thing, but I just light the burlap directly (I get it from the local coffee roasters), get it going well, then stuff it down in there, give it a few more puffs, then add a handful of freshly pulled green grass on top. I’m told this makes the smoke cooler. Hasn’t failed on me yet ..

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