Daisy The Deer

Okay, I don’t like deer in my garden. But this morning, my yard guys found a newborn deer in my neighbor’s yard, apparently abandoned.

They came and got me. I wasn’t surprised. My yard is referred to as “the wildlife refuge.”

There are mean dogs in the yard next door, so I brought the little deer home. My goal is to keep her alive until Monday when I can contact the Ohio Wildlife Rescue folks.

I named her Daisy.  I know, I shouldn’t have done that!!  My dog loves her!!

More later…

16 thoughts on “Daisy The Deer

  1. Oh dear!

    We have deer here, a herd in fact, that I have constant battles with. All is forgiven when I see a newborn fawn.

    I did panic a bit here, however, when I read this. Doe are known to leave their babies in open fields and grass and will most likely come back to look for it and nurse. Fawn have no scent and no predators, so they are usually safe. We’ve had them in the middle of the lawn and watched and then the mother returns after she goes off and feeds (on my plants, usually). Our neighbor has a lab and never bothered the one in their yard last summer.

    Keep us posted. You are a good and caring person.

    • I will keep you posted. She is drinking from a bottle now.
      I had to move her because the guys were going to mow the lawn and they insisted.
      She is so tiny, I was afraid she had been abandoned because of her size.
      I knew I might be making a mistake by moving her, but she looked like she might be sick or dying. Now she’s happy and frisky though…

  2. Dustytoes says:

    I’ve heard the same thing about leaving babies alone because the mother most likely did not abandon it and will be back to look for it. Hope this all works out okay!

  3. Sunelly_Sims says:

    Yes, please, keep us posted! I´m happy that you helped the baby-deer – you must be a very nice person with a big heart for animals, that need help or some food – I appreciate that very much!

    Sunelly Sims

    • Daisy’s Mommy returned!
      I do love animals. And babies. And most people generally. 🙂
      I can’t be around one of those pet adoption fairs. I’d come home with all of them!! 🙂

      • Sunelly_Sims says:

        This is very nice – I also do love pets and if I could, I would rescue all of them – I know, in this case I also need a farm and much more time 🙂

        In our holiday in Puerto Rico last year we have seen a lot of poor dogs and cats (heartbreaking moments for me) when we were on the go to discover the island. I bought some dryfood for cats in the supermarket and gave it to these poor pets, when we stopped and a cat or dog was near by me.

        I´m happy that the mom of Daisy now is return – it will be better so, I think. A baby belongs to her mother!

        I wish you a nice weekend!
        Sunelly Sims

      • I agree! You have a nice weekend too. 🙂

  4. Wow that is amazing, and its so cute 🙂

  5. PJ Girl says:

    … after all that deer repellant too! Beautiful fawn x

  6. MsSopia says:

    So kind of you to rescue and care for Daisy.

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