This is a great post for folks who want to know what to plant for the bees…

Little Green Bees

So many people are interested in plantings to attract honeybees.  In reality, honeybees go where honeybees want to go.  But, there are some plants that are more attractive to bees than other plants.  In the year and month that we’ve been keeping honeybees, we’re starting to see what they really like and really don’t care about!

First, if there’s a really heavy nectar flow somewhere else in the area (cherry laurel, lugustrum, willow, etc.), the bees won’t care much at all about your pretty flowers.  Sure, they’ll stop there to check things out and make you feel kind of good but don’t put your money on it.  That said, plant those flowers!  When the nectar flow starts to dry up in other areas, your honeybees will need a nice place to come!  I’m writing this from a beekeeper’s point of view but the same is true for folks out there…

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