Favorite English Garden Bee Plants – Hosta

Even though they originated in Japan, Hostas are a mainstay of the English cottage garden. They are also attractive to bees of all kinds.

Honey bees can’t fit inside a Hosta bloom, so they poke a hole in the flower to suck out the nectar. ย They have adapted to this exotic.

I love Hostas, and have many varieties. My favorites are the giants!

20 thoughts on “Favorite English Garden Bee Plants – Hosta

  1. I would never have thought of the hosta as a bee plant. We do have one hosta very common in this area (Hosta cordifolia) that gets enormous spires of huge purple blossoms in July; I definitely could see this as a bee plant!

  2. Love the hostas! And your garden in general!

  3. Interesting about the bees—I will have to look more closely at my flowers. Thanks for linking to my blog.

  4. willowbatel says:

    How bizarre! I never knew. My neighbors have lots of hostas, and we have a few ourselves (some have even sprouted up of their own accord in recent years) but I’ve never seen bees on any of them. Snails on the other hand, love them to death. Quite literally.

  5. bigsmileu1 says:

    Hostas are a favorite. I love them because they are easy to spilt for a new plant. My hostas were a split from my mother’s plants originally, and now they are thr mainstay of my gardens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thank you for the reference back to my blog. Love the post too!

  7. I love the giant hostas too! I only have 1 though, not nearly enough!

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