Helping Your Hydrangeas Bloom

Hydrangeas not blooming? You may be able to help them out by doing the following:

Make Sure They Have Enough Sun

While hydrangeas don’t need full sun, they do need some sunlight. Are your non-bloomers in heavy shade?  That may be the problem.

Stop Pruning

Most hydrangeas don’t like to be cut back severely. They set their buds in the fall, so if you are cutting old wood, you’re cutting away flower buds too.

Lavish Them With Compost

Poor nutrition can cause a lack of blooms.  For the best results, add compost in the fall and again in the spring to encourage maximum summer blooming.

16 thoughts on “Helping Your Hydrangeas Bloom

  1. Lovely photos and great advice! thank you:)

  2. Thanks for the tips. Most of my hydrangeas bloom pretty well with a good bit of shade, but I did have to move my panicle hydrangeas, as they won’t bloom at all in the shade. We will now see how many years it takes them to bloom in their new location.

  3. SimplySage says:

    Mine are big and blue. I just posted one of them on my blog last week. When I first planted the two small plants someone told me to not cut back that “dead wood”. I followed that advice and those two little plants are now a huge bush dripping with blossoms. Love your pinks.

  4. Ahhh, this is a fabulous, full summer flower! I just planted some last year, and I’m happy to see them starting to bloom again. But, I bought a big planter full of hydrangeas for my deck, and they’re dying off. None of your tips seem to apply. Do you have a harder time with these in a planter? Any ideas?
    Thanks for the lovely post. 🙂

    • I don’t have trouble with mine in planters, but then I bought them as regular garden hydrangeas and potted them myself.
      My guess is that yours were grown for a one-time, spectacular show. The plants have been fed specifically to produce many large blooms quickly, often at the expense of the future health of the plants themselves .
      You may have success if you pot them up yourself or plant them in the ground, but don’t feel like it’s your fault if they fail to thrive.

  5. Just bought some this year for pots, my first trial, so thanks for the advice, hoping they will survive and last. Interesting repsonse re:planters, I wonder if mine were bred like this, they looked so great when I bought them, definitely aimed to please at the point of purchase.

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