Living With Bees

When you live with bees, well …. you live with bees.

I have to brag on my bees this weekend. My daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, the lovely Luciana, were visiting me for the holiday weekend.

The Lovely Luciana and The Noble Bayard

Yesterday, they helped me with the gardens.

They are not huge bee fans, but after a while, they forgot about the bees altogether. Nobody bothered anyone else!

The Garden HIve

Generally, when my bees leave the hives, they fly straight up and away.  They don’t seem to mind people gardening around the hive, as long as they don’t smell bad or look like a bear.

I’m more convinced than ever that garden hives are the way to go.

10 thoughts on “Living With Bees

  1. bigsmileu1 says:

    It was wonderful that you had a visit from your daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, Luciana. Beautiful weekend for a visit. My grandson, went on his first “Big Boy” fishing trip with his grandfather and father this weekend. Then, they all came home to swim in our pool on a very hot day. My grandson caught a bass! He was so excited. Happy day! Peace..:)

  2. I’m glad you all got along!

  3. SimplySage says:

    I’m still lovin’ those pink hydrangeas. Pretty.
    Sweet little granddaughter!
    Interesting about garden hives. Never knew about that.

  4. Bibliopharm says:

    Our biggest concern with obtaining a hive is the happy coexistence with a toddler. It’s nice to see it work.

  5. I found him! I don’ t know how I missed him before! He does look just like Hurley! I love the red color of both of them!

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