Roses and Hydrangeas

I’ve managed to discourage the neighborhood deer from snacking on my David Austin roses. They will (hopefully!) bloom the rest of the summer.

My hydrangeas in containers are an interesting shade of lilac/blue.

10 thoughts on “Roses and Hydrangeas

  1. PJ Girl says:

    Your roses are so pretty! Those deer had better keep away…

  2. Oops. I accidentally double liked you; well I do like hydrangea and I do like David Austin roses. I even like deer, when they don’t eat my garden.

  3. Beautiful photos -I love the Austin English roses, so lush and fragrant! I used to have lots of them in my old (warmer) garden. We moved to a colder microclimate and now I treasure the few that can survive here. I miss Abraham Darby most of all – if you don’t grow it, you might consider it if you like peach/apricot roses. It can be grown as a short climber and is always covered in big nodding blooms, should do fine in your warmer clime ๐Ÿ™‚

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