The Oracle has a bee connection, which I will discuss in my next post…

Bringing Europe Home

What to do, what to do?  That seems to be the persistent and universal question that we humans share.  The ancient Greeks had a singular method for making decisions:  they consulted an oracle.

 What It Is

The term “oracle” refers to both the shrine where a prophet or prophetess channeled advice from a god, and to the prophet or prophetess who administered that advice.  The most famous of them all (in the ancient world and in the present day) is the Oracle of Delphi.  Her advice didn’t come cheap:  it could cost the typical Greek two days’ wages, plus offerings and expenses, to visit the Delphic Oracle, and the fee was much higher for representatives of State or government.

The impressive site included the temple of Apollo, a grand theatre, a stadium, a treasury, and the Tholos, and is one of the most important and visited…

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  1. Thanks, Deborah! I’m looking forward to reading all about that bee connection!

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