Alpine Ivy Geraniums

When my children were younger, they had the opportunity to play competitive soccer in Belgium. The whole family went over, and it was a wonderful trip.

We all loved Bruges, especially the cascading alpine ivy geraniums on the balconies overlooking the canal. I’ve grown ivy geraniums ever since.

Geraniums in Bruges

I’m getting a late start on my ivy geraniums this year. My order from Larson’s Geraniums, purveyor of European-style geraniums, will arrive on Thursday.

After they arrive, I will start the watering, pruning and fertilizing necessary to achieve European showiness. They require daily attention to achieve their highest glory. My next-door neighbor insists on the same color every year!

5 thoughts on “Alpine Ivy Geraniums

  1. I was not aware of this specific type of geranium…and they do provide that European ambience, don’t they?! I must hunt them down and plant some, myself. 🙂

  2. Seattle Foodshed says:

    We did a day trip to Bruges (and blogged about that fairy tale town) a few months ago. It’s magical.

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