My Garden Hive – Third Inspection

The Garden Hive

It’s been three weeks since I hived my Italian bees. I was a bit concerned after my last inspection since I didn’t see any capped brood, and there were some queen cups at the top of the frames. Was Queen Maria Amalia laying eggs? Were my bees trying to replace her?

Queen Cups

I shouldn’t have worried. Today when I inspected the hive, there was an almost perfect brood pattern on four of the eight frames. There was also capped honey stores. The bees are coming along beautifully!

Capped Brood and Honey Stores

Next week I’ll remove the sugar syrup feeder, and my bees should have a good start on the summer!

8 thoughts on “My Garden Hive – Third Inspection

  1. mossandivy says:

    It is all so beautiful! You must be so proud.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Good for you! Terrific photos, too. 🙂

  3. willowbatel says:

    The bees sometimes build queen cups with a new colony because they think the queen is failing because of her sporadic start to life. She’s raised, allowed to mate, thrown into a nuc for a few weeks to make sure she can lay eggs properly, and then boxed up and shipped. I’d say the queen cups are nothing to worry about. Just keep them managed and everything should be fine!

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