My First Night In The City

I think London needs a proper nickname.  It really doesn’t have one, not like “The Big Apple” or “The Windy City.”

I’m thinking we should give it one!!

And, given London’s plethora of urban beekeepers, I think it should be something bee-related.  Maybe “The Big Hive” or, even better, “The Queen City.”  That one does double duty!!

Just some suggestions..

I’m thrilled to have arrived in London on the day of the Summer Solstice. I didn’t plan it that way, but it was a nice bit of synchronicity.  The sun even cooperated, making the afternoon very pleasant!!

Here is an original cocktail recipe to celebrate!

The Summer Solstice

½ yellow nectarine
1 lemon wedge
1 tangerine wedge
4  mint leaves
½ oz peach liqueur
1 oz. cognac
½ oz honey

Muddle the nectarine, lemon, and tangerine at the bottom of your shaker. Add ice, liqueur, honey, cognac and mint (slap the mint first), then shake. Pour into an old-fashioned glass filled with crushed ice.

Tomorrow morning will find me at Fortnum’s, touring the bee hives!  I will report on my visit promptly!!

12 thoughts on “My First Night In The City

  1. betsydaley says:

    Thx for sharing your singular journey DDL. Watching Ulee’s Gold in your honor. Written by a mentor of mine Victor Nunez, starring Peter Fonda as a beekeeper right here in Nort Florida. Director Jonathan Demme 1997.
    Love all your recipes so much and hoping Fortnums is even better than you dreamed.
    Cheers! XO bd

  2. bigsmileu1 says:

    I think “Queen City” is an appropriate nickname. 🙂

  3. Emily Heath says:

    Oh man, that cocktail sounds amazing. Some people call London ‘The Big Smoke’, though that’s not so appropriate since the big pea-souper smogs from all the coal fires we used to have stopped. “The Queen City” is good!

    I had a late picnic in the park with some friends on the summer solstice, it was gorgeous. Have a great time at Fortnums.

  4. Love the drink, the idea to nick-name, and the photo of Stonhenge. Enjoy your trip, Deborah!

  5. Welcome to the UK!

    As Emily said, ‘the Big Smoke’ has been a name that has been around for a while.

    Of course, London has always considered itself special, and this seems to include the weather. What’s this about picnics within the last few days? It’s been all gales and downpours in East Anglia! God only knows what the bees make of it. That’s what you can ask your F&M beekeepers: have they been experiencing the same beekeeping horror show the rest of us around the country has, or is London special in that respect as well? I hope we get some of that London weather up here when my brother and niece arrive in a few days.

    I hope people won’t get a bit confused by a photo of Stonehenge in a post about London…. Had you been out that way before London?

  6. Carole says:

    Hey, this is just great. I have been hosting a series called Food on Friday which features a different food or ingredient each time. This week, for fun, we are doing cocktails and mocktails. If you would like to link this in – this is the link Food on Friday

  7. david stuart says:

    QUEEN CITY might have a number of uses! But other cities would qualify too. But agree is marvellous, thrilling, etc. Was there last week or so. Alec and I took river trip from Canary Wharf up to Tate Modern – so that we could walk to Lambeth and the Garden Museum. OK, it’s not the Grand Canal, but grand enough! Good at night too. Oh, in slang, it’s ‘the big Smoke’, or, for the educated, ‘the Great Wen’. And the phrase ‘going up to town’ only means London.

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