My Hop Across The Pond

I’m finally here!  In London!!

I’m happy to report the weather is not bad.  Not bad at all!

It looks like there’ve been some showers, but I made it from my tube station (Green Park) to my hotel on Half Moon Street very comfortably.

Well, “comfortably” considering I was hauling the world’s largest suitcase filled with 12 jars of honey (plus a complete bee suit and wellies!)

I was happily surprised not to have been given the third degree at Heathrow about my honey smuggling.  They’re probably more used to it going out  of the country than in…

I was determined to post my pithy observations of my flight over, including insightful observations of my fellow travelers. Alas, I spent most of my flight dead asleep with my mouth open, drooling.

Ah, well.  I’ll probably adjust to the time change more easily.

Tonight I will take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and prepare myself physically and mentally for my tour of Fortnum’s bee hives tomorrow morning.

Did I mention I found a pair of jeans in Fortnum’s signature eau de nil color? I can’t wait for  their reaction!

12 thoughts on “My Hop Across The Pond

  1. jmgoyder says:

    I want those jeans!

  2. PJ Girl says:

    Welcome to England! For some reason I didn’t think you’d have to pack your Bee Suit and wellies… I’m still laughing at the image 🙂

  3. I hope you have a great time and learn a lot! London is one of my favorite cities, have a pint for me 😉

  4. Well, I’m not sure what Fortnum’s signature eau de nil means, I could Google it but I’m afraid Google would tell me I’m a country bumpkin cowboy for not knowing but while you’re there could you tell us if there is any difference in the taste of their bee honey there?

  5. Emily Heath says:

    Welcome to London!

  6. oceannah says:

    What an awesome color those jeans are! Good on you for catching some z’s while in flight.

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