It’s been a while.

I hope that summer is now “loading” in the UK!!

Scottish Bee Blog

Graham has been SOOOO ill, fortunately he is well on the mend now and we have got back into our hives – at long last.

Quite a story to tell. You will have read that the weather up here – since the end of March – has left much to be desired and then Graham’s emergency trip to hospital and subsequent period of recovery landed on us and so the hives were somewhat neglected – we have paid the price!!!!

On the few occasions that he was up at the apiary swarms were seen and dealt with so that we had three nucleus boxes on the go as well as the five hives. One of the boxes is on the wheel-barrow I mentioned a couple of months ago – it works very well. On Wednesday this week with the weather being grand we went into every hive.

What we found made it quite obvious that…

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2 thoughts on “It’s been a while.

  1. Emily Heath says:

    It’s getting there thanks – was in shorts and t-shirt today!

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