15 thoughts on “My July Border

  1. a white picket fence is SO classic. love this. we want to do a little fence for our cottage garden out front of the house (the back is largely vegetable beds, so not as cottagey). there’s so many ways to go!

  2. Your border is breathtaking and the white picket fence only adds to what looks like happy profusion. Well done. Sorry to read about the Italian bees.

    • Thanks and thanks. I had my doubts about the Italians from the get go.
      But I’m excited about splitting the Buckie hive. Although, I’ll probably get stung a lot more while gardening. 🙂

  3. MsSopia says:

    Fabulous and romantic.

  4. Nothing like an abundance of flowers and plants pouring over the fence – beautiful!

  5. Beautiful and look to be plenty of bee-friendly plants.

  6. Food Stories says:

    Just beautiful

  7. Ogee says:

    Stunning. No wonder your bees feel so much at home!

  8. Oh, my goodness, this is just classic. Your plants always look so healthy, as well. I have been trying to get a picket fence like that built (by husband) around my veggie garden for a couple of years now. It looks so crisp and idyllic, and I just keep wishing away . . . .

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