Flowers For The Bees

The nectar flow is strong right now, but we worry about August, September and October. We want our ladies to go into winter with a big store of food to carry them through the winter.

My dahlias and everlasting peas will bloom until fall, but my roses and hostas will be done by then.  Thank goodness for my neighbor who’s a wonderful gardener!

She grows the most gorgeous hibiscus which the bees just love! While not a staple of the English cottage garden, they are beautiful just the same!

They are just now coming into bloom and will continue as long as the weather is warm, which, around here, can last until October.

Here are some pictures, along with a few from my garden as well:

8 thoughts on “Flowers For The Bees

  1. Wonderful photos! Echinaceas will bloom from now until September; everything is early here too, the daylilies almost finished but the daisy types are coming into their own, along with the tall phlox and late hydrangeas. Do you try to grow flowers that specifically influence the taste of the honey?

    • My phlox and late hydrangeas are blooming too. I hope they will make it through August. I’m the only person on the planet who can’t grow purple coneflowers!!
      I try to grow flowers that will provide a nectar supply from April until late October. It’s hard to grow flowers to flavor honey unless that’s all you grow. For instance, I would have to grow a lavender field to have lavender honey.
      I like to think of mine as “English Cottage Garden Honey”. 🙂

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  3. Alicia says:

    I always love to see bees on my flowers. They always seem to love the lavender. This year I have purple alliums that just started blooming and they are swarming them.

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