Last Of The Hosta Blossoms

Sadly, my hostas are almost finished blooming. The garden saved the best for last though.

This cultivar’s bloom looks like a beautiful lily. It looks like it has a few more blossoms to enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Last Of The Hosta Blossoms

  1. Carol Ann Gregg says:

    My hostas were especially beautiful this year. I purchased a grab bag of plants from an on-line store a couple of years ago and received 10 hostas, 5 different ones. I might not have picked these ones but am so pleased with the results. They are filling in where nothing else would work. I am loving them. Hostas give us beauty all season with the foliage. The blooms are an extra bonus.

  2. This reminds me of the ones we call August Lily around here. It usually blooms in August, hence the name, and it usually has a lily-like fragrance. Unfortunately, our bloomed in June and didn’t bear its evocative scent this year. I’m sure the heat and lack of rain had something to do with it. Yours looks to be the same and it looks like it has big, strong leaves. Are you bees enjoying it?

    • The bees and bumbles are definitely enjoying them, although not as much as the hibiscus next door.
      I’m going to plant some perennial hibiscus in my back “mud hole” for next year!!

  3. That is a truly lovely hosta flower. Is it fragrant? Thanks for linking to my blog.

  4. Wow! That is a spectacular hosta flower, what type is it? Ours occasionally come up with a purpley small flowered spike but that’s all. Well done, super gardener!

  5. It’s called an August Lily Hosta. This is the first year it’s been so spectacular! Thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. P&B says:

    Lovely Hosta. Mine didn’t even have a chance to bloom. Once they’re budding, deer just munch on them.

  7. oceannah says:

    What a lovely hosta flower! Mine are currently being worked by honey bees…At dinner last night we were watching them work and wondering if they are perhaps survivors of our hives or if someone in the area is now keeping bees.

  8. Beautiful shots, Deborah – they look like orchids.

  9. Gorgeous leaves and unique blooms for a hosta . . .is that one of the very large cultivars, too?

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