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The Perky Poppy Seed

How do you make the honey for Rosh Hashanah look lovely?  Well, I have the answer:)  Over the few months leading up to Rosh Hashanah, I buy jars of different sorts of honey.  Some of the honey is local and well, I have to admit some of it I buy just because I like the names:)  Anyway,  I always purchase at least one jar of honey with a honey comb.  Then right before dinner,  I make a platter of the diffferent honeys,( Sometimes I label them or sometimes I just tell everyone which honey is which.  This makes for  nice  dinner conversation at the table which is sure to always be  sweet:) by placing each kind of honey in a separate  martini glass with a chopstick- the chopstick is a nice change of pace from the traditional honey stick. Then I place the  honeycomb in a martini glass.  The honeycomb makes…

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  1. Thank you:) I was just on your blog looking for honey recipes:) I love the Honey Caramels idea:) What a great idea instead of corn syrup!!

    • I love your blog!

      The recipe for Honey Caramels is a great one!! It’s hard to mess up, believe me!!

      In my experience, honey can be substituted for corn syrup one to one. Which gives me a great idea for a Honey Pecan Pie!!

      xo Deb

      • Oh…. I love the nut pie:) Not sure if you have done this or not but one Thanksgiving a few years ago I went to get the pecans and they were all gone…my wonderful fellow thought pecans were a good snack (he now knows that anything anywhere in the kitchen is off limits during the months of Oct, Nov & Dec:) Any way… I did have walnuts.. and that pie turned out even better than pecan pie!! So now every year my Walnut Pie is requested:) I love the idea of honey.. ohhh a Honey & Walnut Pie for Thanksgiving:) hummm 🙂

      • Honey and Walnut pie!! I don’t think I can wait until Thanksgiving to post!!

        Many thanks!!


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