7 thoughts on “November Sunset

  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    Very pretty. I can imagine the Sunrises I have been missing at the beach. It has been in the 20’s at 5 AM when I wake and I have just not wanted to get dressed and head over I must soon. Thanksgiving we will leave very early for VT up through the mountains hoping to capture some lovely shots with the mornings early light and they say it will be 40’s and 50’s F lol like a beautiful Spring Day and Not the Dead of Fall 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    It is hard to capture the sunset…but I like yours with the lights on in the distance.

  3. I adore the sunrises and sunsets I see on my way to and from work now….I am currently in AZ visiting family and their sunsets are specatcular due to all the dust from the desert…such deep reds.

  4. Had a great sharing moment recently with our 4 yr old granddaughter. She goes to be early (except at Grandma’s) and she really liked the brilliant colors. Through the eyes of children…… amazed.

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