Holidays With Honey – Chatham Artillery Punch

punch 2artillery punch

Savannah’s Chatham Artillery is the oldest military organization in Georgia. This punch recipe originated with the C.A. over 200 years ago, and has been served in Savannah ever since. 

When President James Monroe sipped this concoction in 1819 while on a visit to Savannah, he dubbed it ‘suave and deceitful’.

This recipe is for a large party of thirsty revelers.

Warning:  This punch tends to take one by surprise.  Regrettably, the time period between pleasantly buzzed and black out drunk is a short one. Make sure your guests have a designated driver or be ready to insist that they sleep on your couch.

1 1/2 gallons strong tea
1 1/2 gallons Catawba, muscadine or scuppernong wine
1/2 gallon St. Croix rum
1 1/2 quarts rye whiskey
1 quart brandy
1 quart Gordon gin
1/2 pint Benedictine
2 1/2 pounds honey or a mixture of honey and brown sugar
1 bottle marachino cherries
Juice of 18 oranges
Juice of 18 lemons
Case of Champagne

1. Pour all ingredients except for the Champagne into a large, non-reactive container.
2. Cover and let rest for 36 to 48 hours.
3. Just before the party pour into a large punch bowl, over ice, and add the champagne.

Things will get lively shortly thereafter.

12 thoughts on “Holidays With Honey – Chatham Artillery Punch

  1. flyfishbrat says:

    Oh My Gosh! Now this is a Holiday drink! Love the post.

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  3. putneyfarm says:

    So good…and so bad….but good enough to try again next year…

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  5. Reblogged this on Romancing the Bee and commented:

    This is the rest of the Punch story… 🙂

  6. maedez says:

    This sounds great (minus the rum!).

  7. Kevin-Andrew says:

    This is a tradition and being from Savannah we make this every year! I’m glad you posted this.

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