Hedgehogs, Bats and Lightning Bugs

I just read a very funny post by Emily Heath at Adventuresinbeeland’s Blog about some of the more unusual search terms people used to find her  blog in 2012.

A few examples:

‘woodlice droppings’ – 16 times

Urgh. I have failed to find any photos of woodlice droppings on my blog to keep these people happy. My internet research suggests that woodlice droppings are about 1mm in width and look like black dust particles.

‘what do hives look like on adults’ – 6 times

Wrong type of hives.

‘what causes hives under the armpits’ – 2 times

Not bees.

‘honey dripping on body’ – 2 times

Think they wanted a different kind of blog!

‘jon and sarah pie and mash wedding’ – 1 time


Inspired by Emily, I took a look at the search terms people used to find my blog in 2012.

What I realized was that my blog posts can be, well, a bit random. Not always about bees, gardening and cooking with honey.

For instance, I posted about hedgehogs.


I really like hedgehogs. Evidently, so do a lot of other people. Some of the terms used to find it:


baby hedgehog

two hedgehogs

hedgehog pictures

hedgehog images

baby hedgehog pictures

adorable hedgehog

brown hedgehog

mini hedgehog

are hedgehogs soft

hedgehog names

sad hedgehog

young hedgehog

Almost as popular was my post about lightning bugs…

lightning bugs

lightning bugs

firefly insect

firefly bug

lightning bugs at night

pictures of lightning bugs

light bugs

lightning bugs in a jar

beautiful firefly

lightning bug images

how to make lightning bugs in a jar

lightning bugs in a mason jar

lightning bug season ohio

lighting insects

And then there were a few posts about bats and how cute they can be…

cute bats

cute bat

cute bat photos

bat stamps

cute bat pictures

But no Bee Blog would be complete without the Eternal Question…

is honey bee poop or vomit?

is honey made of bee poop?

NO!!   🙂

10 thoughts on “Hedgehogs, Bats and Lightning Bugs

  1. He he! I’ve been thinking of doing this too – funniest recent search terms for my blog include ‘Do bumble bees have feet?’ and ‘How are bees and tigers different’! I too have also been asked if honey is bee poop…

  2. Ogee says:

    It’s not??? (LOL)

  3. maedez says:

    I love bats. That is all.

  4. sometimes when I see those crazy search terms in my stats I have to google them myself just to see if I find my blog… lol…

  5. Emily Heath says:

    Is honey bee poop indeed!

    Thanks so much for linking to my post 🙂 I love the adorable hedgehogs and bats. We must look after these gorgeous creatures.

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