New English Garden Bee Plants – “Essence Purple” and “Silver Mist” English Lavender

"Essence Purple" English Lavender

“Essence Purple” English Lavender

"Silver Mist" English Lavender

“Silver Mist” English Lavender

One of my favorite online plant purveyors, Wayside Gardens, has 61 new perennial cultivars this year, many of them bee favorites.

There are few, if any, flowers bees and other pollinators love better than English Lavender.  Wayside Gardens is offering two new English Lavenders this year, “Essence Purple” and “Silver Mist”.

An English Lavender extraordinaire, ‘Essence Purple’ is the variety for those of us who can never have too much Lavender in garden and home. Bushier, better branched, and perhaps even more fragrant than others, it is simply heavenly in color, form, and scent. Find new places to tuck this magnificent plant in your sunny garden and patio this season!

One of the most beautiful of English Lavenders, ‘Silver Mist’ sets nearly white foliage with a soft, fuzzy aura that looks like clouds in the garden. The flowers are pure sky-blue and continue over an especially long season. Compact, well-branched, and marvelously fragrant in bloom and leaf, it’s a must-have for the sunny garden and fine containers.

Both Lavenders are evergreen in mild areas and deer-resistant.

An herb, Lavender is useful for everything from potpourri to Everlastings to air freshener. Cut branches to tuck into your linen closet, use the flowers to perfume tea and sweets, and admire the pollinators that are drawn to these plants all season long. Every garden needs at least one stand of Lavender!

14 thoughts on “New English Garden Bee Plants – “Essence Purple” and “Silver Mist” English Lavender

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  2. I love lavender. Planted some in my son’s yard in the high desert of California and the one that got the most water did the best. Had to wait till the bees went home for the night to trim it up and weed around it. They loved it too.

  3. Planting this lavender in a coastal zone would that go well? I kill my plants. So how do I keep them alive?

    • You should be able to grow lavender where you live. It grows wild in Mediterranean regions, and it loves heat and sun.
      It sounds like your soil may be the problem. It may need enrichment. Mushroom compost is an easy solution to that problem. You may also want to buy an inexpensive soil testing kit to see if your soil is too acid or too alkaline for the plants you’re trying to grow. You should be able to find one at Home Depot.
      You should also stick with plants that thrive in hot and humid weather. (Like Lavender.) You’ll never be able to grow Delphiniums or Sweet Peas!! 🙂
      I wish I could come down there and give you a hand!! 🙂

  4. I just love lavender, but didn’t think it would thrive here in Maine – would either of these varieties be able to withstand the long winters here, or would they need to be ‘moved’ indoors then back out again?…thank you in advance.

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  6. Karen says:

    I love lavender but it just can’t survive our cold, snowy winters.

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  8. […] New English Garden Bee Plants – “Essence Purple” and “Silver Mist” Eng… ( […]

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