Gardening For Honey Bees – Wisteria


One of the best things you can plant for bees and other pollinators is wisteria. It doesn’t hurt that it is incredibly beautiful either.

13 thoughts on “Gardening For Honey Bees – Wisteria

  1. Love the video humming with bees, Deborah! Have to be careful where you plant wisteria; it is the anaconda of the plant world and can crush an arbor in a few years. I always think of Dan Fogelberg’s beautiful song, Wisteria. Here’s a link to it:

  2. Wow, impressive samples.

  3. Nice place to have a date:d

  4. I planted one in my son’s backyard last summer before I left. They told us it would grow like a weed. Well, it doesn’t seem to like the high desert wind and heat. We built this massive arbor for it too. Maybe this summer it will get a better foothold. Loved the video.

  5. zachandclem says:

    Here’s an absolutely lovely video that supports that cause! Happy to read other people care, this is such an important message to send out.

  6. […] alt="Wisteria (from Romancing the Bee)” width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”size-large […]

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