This is a great reminder of what pesticides are good, bad and downright ugly!

Squash Practice

I’m often asked which products are OK and which should be avoided.  Hence the mnemonic in the title to help you remember I’m getting rid of Imidacloprid.  Say it three times out loud, and when you read the labels at the garden store you will remember:  I’m getting rid of Imidacloprid.

When it comes to insecticides, first ask yourself , do you really need them?  Rather than automatically reaching for a spray bottle, first take a close look at your foe.  Do you know what it is, its life cycle?  What will happen if you do nothing?  Are there any natural predators around?  Open your eyes to the fascinating world of insects and their daily dramas before killing them all.

Attentive gardeners are always on the lookout for the pests they have come to know.  I expect cabbage caterpillars to appear as soon as I see…

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  1. Talking With Bees says:

    A very useful post. I will go and check immediately what I have in the garage!
    How are the bees?
    Due to some poor advice and Laying Workers I don’t have any bees at present. Hoping to that an early swarm lands nearby.

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