Portrait Of The Blogger, Accompanied By Bees

As a rule, I avoid having my picture taken.

I am not photogenic.  My eyes are usually closed. I always have a look of impatient suffering on my face.

Plus, I agree with those remote jungle tribes people that a camera steals one’s soul. (In a few years, that will be scientifically proven.)

This past weekend I made an exception to my rule.  I let Loyal Yard Dude Alex take a bunch of pictures of me in my bee suit. Yes, really.

I’m a sight to behold.

No, I'm not really handling Plutonium...

No, I’m not really handling Plutonium…

Is there any garment less flattering than a bee suit? I don’t think so.

I volunteered to be a source for an article about women taking up pursuits outside their comfort zone. Theoretically, that was beekeeping. Truthfully, being photographed made me way more uncomfortable than the 10,000 or so bees I was handling.

And then the Loyal Yard Dude got stung on the forehead by one of the Mean Bees.

Just another Saturday on Columbia Parkway!  🙂

21 thoughts on “Portrait Of The Blogger, Accompanied By Bees

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I’ve seen some very pretty pictures of you. It’s hard to see your face through the veil in this one, but at least your suit looks lovely and clean!

    • Thank you, dear! The front of the bee suit is clean, the rear end, not so much. 🙂
      Maybe I look mysterious behind my bee veil…
      Did you send out the LBKA newsletter? If so, you are a very busy bee! 🙂

  2. MsSopia says:

    You are in the height of fashion and truly look lovely. It will bee on the 2014 runways for sure!

  3. The bee suit was very fitting for your pictorial debut on Romancing the Bee. That thing does look like a bio-hazard suit though!

  4. maedez says:

    This is awesome, and so are you!

    • You’re the awesome one! We should hang out while the Chef is out of town. Unless you are too busy editing, writing, redecorating, moving, etc… 🙂

      • maedez says:

        Hey, thanks! 🙂 He left this morning. I am sure I can find some time between now and late May. If not, then I need to seriously reevaluate my schedule!

  5. What a fun and funny post! You made me chuckle.

    Sorry about the bee sting, but with 10,000 bees, one sting seems the equivalent of a paper cut after stuffing 1,000 envelopes. You look adorable! Congratulations, too.

    • I’m glad the post made you laugh! That picture makes me laugh every time I look at it!!
      Don’t feel too sorry for the Loyal Yard Dude. He confessed to me that he knocked up against the Mean Bee Hive every time he took a load of compost down. I would’ve stung him too…. 🙂

      • LOL!!! Okay then. Fair is fair.

        I love bees and would like to keep a hive one day. We live in a very small home on a tiny lot (6,000 sq. ft), so I would need neighbor approval. I’m so impressed with your beekeeping along with your daily blogging and recipes.

  6. jmgoyder says:

    Simply gooooorgeous!

  7. thatoldschoolgirl says:

    maybe you can decorate your bee suit a little with pictures of bees 🙂

    seriously, you are way braver then me

    • I almost bought a pink bee suit a year ago but I decided the bright color would just make things worse… 🙂
      I don’t feel brave. I love the little critter gals!

  8. belocchio says:

    Always in the back of my mind I have this niggling idea to have a bee hive or two. We live in the country — but I think I am going to have to read more of your suggested posts. Virginia

  9. Love it! And if you’re platinum blonde you are never allowed to complain about what you look like–that’s the rule. I would also be very uncomfortable carrying all those bees . . . . They can visit my garden to their hearts’ content, though.

  10. I am with you on the relative merits of photos vs beekeeping. Other of your followers must be thinking the same thing I am though: when are you going to do a post devoted to Loyal Yard Dude?

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