English Cottage Gardening – Planting Mt. Everest

My back garden is, well, it’s very steep. I twist my ankle every time I take a stroll in it. I call it Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest aka my back garden

Mt. Everest aka my back garden

I have some nice David Austin rose bushes planted in the border, but this year my gardening goal is to make a beautiful Gertrude Jekyll-style border for my bees who live at the bottom.

Bees at the Bottom of the Garden

Bees at the Bottom of the Garden

So far I’ve planted lots of lavender and some lambs’ ears. Today I’m planting nepeta and lilies. I’m thinking about buying golf shoes to garden in.

To keep myself motivated, I’ll post the progress of my border throughout the rest of the season. Wish me luck!!


17 thoughts on “English Cottage Gardening – Planting Mt. Everest

  1. flyfishbrat says:

    Good luck, it tis the gardening season….golf shoes are a great idea, just make sure the are comfortable. Your garden is beautiful, I can’t wait to see the new plants your putting on the border. I just love Lambs Ear, I have split my plants many times, it seems to grow well everywhere.

  2. gavmomof2 says:

    Love the blue bee hives! Lamb’s ear is the best, isn’t it? So soft … Mt Everest looks like a great workout. Maybe some hiking poles? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. you made me laugh out loud Deborah! Go for the golf shoes!

  4. Ogee says:

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  5. Emily Heath says:

    Such beautiful hives. Have you tried hiking boots?

  6. Simon says:

    It looks great already. Can’t wait to see what it’ll be like when you’re done! =] Surely, your girls will have nothing but appreciation for you.

  7. I’m behind again. Love the golf shoes idea. English cottage gardens are my favorite. Especially lavender. I’ll bet you have the strongest legs in town with that hike. I’ll keep watching.

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