Our Joy

My beloved Bayard has been memorialized by my dear friends at Gardens for Goldens!! They are truly angels on earth!!

Gardens For Goldens

The garden served up its usual beauty this weekend. Fall is beginning its advance and the flowers and their friends are grateful for the more moderate temperatures and cool nights.


Their appreciation is clearly on display.


But the most beautiful moments of the weekend did not involve flowers. First, new bricks were installed in the Memorial pathway.


I donated this one for one of my very first blogger friends, Deborah at Romancing the Bee and her beloved companion recently departed – the Noble Bayard.


The garden hosted the usual parade of pups. Hank took up residence on Steve’s lap –


Fozzie Bear, who just recently arrived, made his first trip to the garden –


beautiful Sting relaxed in the shade, exhausted from playing in the sprinklers –


while Lilly practiced her table manners.


In between, two great tales unfolded. First, Sydney – a special needs Golden who has pretty…

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5 thoughts on “Our Joy

  1. maedez says:

    How very generous and loving! I know all too well how much you must miss your dear dog.

  2. I love how they put the tiles down in memory of beloved pups. What a wonderful, wonderful post. I’m looking for a place where I can have a dog again. This is not it.

  3. This is so so so wonderful. What a beautiful tribute. I love this post! And Bayard.

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