Plant a Bulb – Save a Bee

So true!!

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

I know what you are thinking – it’s far too cold and windy to be outside planting anything right now, but let me tell you this is exactly the right time to be planting the only set of flowers that will guarantee you a big fat smile in the darkest, coldest days of January.

When you see the tiniest clean growth of leaves popping through frost encrusted soil nothing lifts your spirit more, knowing that Spring is just around the corner and winter is coming to an end.

There is one more, very good reason for planting bulbs – you can help the nectar loving insects, especially the bees.  By the middle of winter bees, especially bumble bees and other solitary bees are very hungry, having lost most sources of nectar by late autumn they are in need of desperate help of food by February and March.  If…

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3 thoughts on “Plant a Bulb – Save a Bee

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