Chatham Artillery Punch Redux

This is one of my favorite posts! It never fails to make me cry with laughter!!

Romancing the Bee

Colonial Ball Dance

While researching the history of Chatham Artillery Punch, I came across this hilarious blog post by someone named Velociman. I hope you enjoy his description of the awesome power of the Punch as much as I did!

Chatham Artillery Punch

How was my brother’s wedding? Stupor duper. The reception was well-lubricated by an ample supply of Chatham Artillery Punch. So much so that I booty-danced with Puddyhead whilst we both wore bird masquerade masks. More on that another day.

Yes, my brother was wise enough to whip up a couple of gallons of my mother’s signature Artillery Punch recipe. This stuff tastes like Kool-Ade, and humbles mere moonshine in neuron destruction.

The history: in colonial days the Chatham Artillery would have balls, as people with fancy uniforms are wont to do. The women would serve up punch, and the men would surreptitiously tipple their flasks into the punchbowl…

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