Krohn Conservatory

Built in 1933, Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati’s gorgeous old-school greenhouse in Eden Park, is a five-room mega-terrarium filled with over 3,500 species of exotic plants from around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bringing The Garden Indoors

My garden is officially dormant for the winter. It’s a sad day on Columbia Parkway.

Oh, I have some bulbs to plant and some mulching to do. The usual fall tasks. But the really fun part outdoors is over for the year…

I cheer myself up every November by planting giant amaryllis bulbs indoors. This year I found a great deal online for a dozen Amaryllis Apple Blossom bulbs. I spent the day finding suitable vessels to hold them.

They are so easy to grow! I just stick them in water and leave them alone. In 6 to 8 weeks I’ll have a little garden indoors. I’ll be sure to post pictures.

After the amaryllis blossoms are gone, I’ll start Sweet Pea seeds under lights. With luck I’ll have fragrant blooms by February.

And spring will be right around the corner!