Cottage Gardening – The Grand Dahlia


It’s a cold, rainy and generally gloomy Saturday in Cincinnati. I’ve managed to get a few errands done, but all I want to do is curl up and keep warm. Maybe do a bit of needlepoint…

Then there appeared a  bright spot – the blooming of a spectacular Autumn-colored dinner plate dahlia!!  It loves the miserable weather.  A gorgeous reminder that even a dark and damp Fall day can be beautiful!!

Bringing The Garden Indoors

My garden is officially dormant for the winter. It’s a sad day on Columbia Parkway.

Oh, I have some bulbs to plant and some mulching to do. The usual fall tasks. But the really fun part outdoors is over for the year…

I cheer myself up every November by planting giant amaryllis bulbs indoors. This year I found a great deal online for a dozen Amaryllis Apple Blossom bulbs. I spent the day finding suitable vessels to hold them.

They are so easy to grow! I just stick them in water and leave them alone. In 6 to 8 weeks I’ll have a little garden indoors. I’ll be sure to post pictures.

After the amaryllis blossoms are gone, I’ll start Sweet Pea seeds under lights. With luck I’ll have fragrant blooms by February.

And spring will be right around the corner!

The Daily Dahlias

These blooms are the sweetest because they are the last soldiers in the garden.

My Favorite Spring Bulbs

There are so many fantastic bulbs out there! Every day, the post brings catalogs containing ever more unique and colorful hybrids.

But I’m a loyalist. Every year I plant the same bulbs, courtesy of White Flower Farms. And when spring comes around, I’m never sorry!

My all time favorite is the Angelique tulip. So angelically beautiful!!

And then I love the combination of Narcissus and Muscari that White Flower Farms calls Wanderlust.

Finally, blending perfectly with both of the above is the spectacular Globe Allium!

I’m looking forward to preparing my garden for spring!!