Daisy The Deer

Okay, I don’t like deer in my garden. But this morning, my yard guys found a newborn deer in my neighbor’s yard, apparently abandoned.

They came and got me. I wasn’t surprised. My yard is referred to as “the wildlife refuge.”

There are mean dogs in the yard next door, so I brought the little deer home. My goal is to keep her alive until Monday when I can contact the Ohio Wildlife Rescue folks.

I named her Daisy.  I know, I shouldn’t have done that!!  My dog loves her!!

More later…

Deer Repellent 101

Yes, I know this is my second post on deer repellent today. I can’t help it. They nibbled the buds off my David Austin roses. I’m really angry. And it isn’t a good idea to make me mad.

So I’m mixing up a witch’s brew that will keep them away for weeks, if not the whole summer. This stuff is going to be brutal. It serves them right. It isn’t like they don’t have a whole forest of honeysuckle bushes to keep them fat and sassy.

I’m going to make a confession here.  I don’t use an exact formula. I use whatever I have hanging around the house that I know deer (and rabbits) hate.

To wit:

Hot sauce

Garlic (and/or anything else in the onion family)

Liquid dish detergent

Sour milk

Eggs, preferable rotten

Tonight’s Formula:

I have a quart of milk that’s been in my fridge since Christmas. I’ve been saving it for an emergency like this.

I bought two bottles of hot sauce because I knew this day was coming.

I have a jar of minced garlic and a half dozen eggs. Unfortunately they’re not rotten.

I’m mixing up the whole batch and for good measure, adding dish detergent and the remnants of a bottle of commercial deer repellent.

Then I’m going to let the whole mess fester until tomorrow morning when I administer my potion to my yard and the rest of the neighborhood.

Happy Earth Day, Deer!  This is what you get for eating my David Austin roses. I hope you enjoyed them.  It’s going to be honeysuckle bushes for you for the rest of the summer.