Furnace Mountain In February

Furnace Mountain is a Zen Buddhist Retreat Center in Powell County, Kentucky, in the heart of Appalachia.
The surrounding area is not exactly a hotbed of Zen Buddhism, yet despite that fact Furnace Mountain has existed and thrived for over 25 years.

I attend retreats as often as I can. I just returned yesterday from spending five gorgeous days there.

The Mountain

The Mountain

I’m keeping two hives of bees there this season.

Apiary Beginnings!

Apiary Beginnings!

I have a lot of work to do before bee season!!

Furnace Mountain Revisited

I just returned from spending four perfect days at Furnace Mountain Zen Retreat Center in Clay City, Kentucky.  It was marvelously restorative and much needed.

The Dog Days of August had taken their toll on me.  My garden is brown and dry in spots, and the hot weather didn’t break until this weekend. It was hard for me to remember the energy and enthusiasm that carried me through most of the Spring and Summer.

It only took four days for it all to come back to me!  It was easy to drop into deep meditation and forget the petty annoyances of everyday life.  It is my little miracle.

I hope you enjoy this virtual visit to Furnace Mountain, and that some of its magic reaches you!

The Mountain

Zen Stone Arch

The Tea House


Sam’s House

On The Path To The Temple

The Temple

The Lotus Pond

View From The Temple

Bane Weeding