Should Beekeeping Be An Olympic Sport?

I’ll admit it.

I’m glued to my tv watching the Summer Olympics in London. Apparently, I’ll watch just about any event.

Which gave me an idea.

Beekeeping has all the makings of an Olympic sport!  Kind of a Pentathlon of beekeeping activities!!

The events could be:

1. Wearing a full bee suit and wellies in 100° weather the longest without passing out.

2. Lifting and  carrying a full deep the farthest.

3. Lighting a smoker and keeping it lit the longest.

4. Dealing with a bee in one’s suit without flailing and screaming like a maniac.

5. Being the first to spot the Queen among  80,000 or so other bees.

Hey, I think it would be a lot more fun to watch than synchronized swimming!!  But then I’m biased…