Favorite English Garden Bee Plants – Catmint (Nepeta x Faassenii)

Both bees and cats simply adore catmint aka Nepeta.

Bee Enjoying the Catmint

Cat Enjoying the Catmint

It is a beautiful plant to use in a border.  Gertrude Jekyll wrote “it is a plant that can hardly be overpraised.”

Beautiful Use of Catmint

Catmint in the Border

I find catmint easier to grow than lavender and sage.  If you cut it back after first bloom, it will bloom again just as vigorously.

My favorite cultivar is Walker’s Low, which was the 2007 Perennial of the Year.

Walker's Low

The name, Walker’s Low, does not refer to the size of the plant, but to a garden in England.

Plant some catmint this summer.  Your bees will thank you!  And also the neighborhood cats…

P.S.  One of my followers suggested I point out that catmint is deer-resistant!