Those Obscure Wellies of Desire

It’s definitely wellie season in Ohio. Today was warm and rainy. It will rain or snow from now until June.

I have a perfectly good pair of black Hunter Wellies. The problem is I’m lusting after a pair that are not to be found on the internet or elsewhere.

They are Fortnum & Mason exclusives. Aren’t they fabu?


I can just see myself prancing about in these eau de nil beauties!

My flowers will bloom more beautifully, my bees will buzz more happily and my honey cupcakes will turn out perfectly every time. If only I had those wellies!!

If anyone knows where I can locate a pair, size 37, I will be forever in your debt.  🙂  Until then, I will dream about those obscure objects of desire. Thank you, Luis Bunuel.  🙂

A Few Things I Learned In London Yesterday

Portrait of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Well...

Portrait of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m dreadfully behind on my British beekeeping-related posts, but I swear I’m working on them! In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few things I learned in London yesterday…

1.  Unless you are the actual Duke of Wellington, you can’t get a drink in the Ritz Bar wearing wellies. And carrying a bee suit in a bag.   Jeans are okay though.

2.  The Maitre’ D at the Ritz is a lovely man. He gave me a warm invitation to return, provided I lose the wellies and the bee suit.

3.  If, by sheer obtuseness, you fail to pay the full bus fare, the bus driver does not stop the bus and throw you off.  He probably figures you are mentally deficient.

4.  If you go into the local Off Track Betting Shop, they happily give you bus change.  You don’t even have to bet on anything. They seem to find it very amusing.

5.  I speak a dialect of the English language that is very difficult for most people to understand. Especially when I’m asking for directions.

6.  Jet lag is real. Very real. Somehow I thought I could will it into submission. Nope!! I’m fine today though.

More later…

Bee Suit Or No Bee Suit?

I am a bee suit kind of gal.  In fact, I’m on my second one.  My first one is falling apart.

Here is my new one:

Originally, I eschewed bee suits.  I mean, honestly, is it possible to look geekier than when wearing a bee suit?  I think not.

Then I was stung five or six times on my ankle through a pair of thin black socks.  My ankle was swollen twice its size and was painful and itchy for weeks.  I’m not even allergic!

Of course, I was doing something stupid at the time.  Trying to lift a full deep (100 pounds) by myself early in the morning when the bees were still home. And it was a nasty-tempered colony of Buckfast hybrids.

It’s true that a bee suit wouldn’t have prevented those particular stings.  I needed a pair of wellies too.

The problem was that after being stung, I was nervous around the hive. Really, really nervous.

That’s where the bee suit comes in. It makes me calm.

I wear my bee suit over my clothes with wellies and leather gloves. The result is I’m as cool as a cucumber. I’m happy and my bees are too.

Bees are incredibly sensitive little critters. They can smell fear and feel your hands shaking. They like things that smell good and are gentle. That’s me in a bee suit.

It’s worth tolerating the guffawing of my neighbors.  Besides, they stop laughing when I threaten to cut off their honey supply.